About us


Experience since 1959

Our company has built and repaired more than 120 various bridges and viaducts, overpasses and tunnels.

The company's history goes back to 1959. The main purpose for establishing the then Road Building District No4 (KSR-4) was building of Vilnius Airport.

In 1966 KSR-4 was renamed Second Vilnius Bridge Construction Administration. The company built the Vilnius-Kaunas and Vilnius-Ukmergė-Panevėžys motorways, overpasses, and bridges.

On 15 November 1991 the Second Vilnius Bridge Construction Administration was reorganized into Vilnius state bridge and road construction company Greitkelis. Since 1991 our bridge construction company has been specialising only in the construction, reconstruction, and repairs of bridges, viaducts, overpasses, tunnels, and other transport infrastructure. Since 2004 the company has also been performing designing tasks.

In 1992 the Vilnius state bridge construction company was privatised and renamed public bridge construction company Tilsta and in 2002 it was restructured into a private limited bridge construction company.

In 2013 Fegda UAB, one of the main road construction companies in Lithuania, became the main shareholder of Tilsta UAB.

Quality policy and certificates

Quality of services

Environmental protection

Occupational safety

The company operates in accordance with its policy on quality, environmental protection, and occupational safety and health.

The following certified production control systems have been implemented at the company:
Constancy of Performance Certificate for the production of concrete mixes (normal-weight concrete C12/15-C45/55) (LT SPSC-2937E);
 "Steel Structure Elements" (EN 2268-CPR-043);
 "Structural Components for Bridges of Concrete" (LT 1937-CPR-0353);
 "Concrete Elements for Roads and Airports" (LT SPSC-9498)
 "Aggregates for Unbond and Hydraulically Bond Materials for Use in Civil Engineering Work and Road Construction" (LT 2268-CPR-276).

The company has implemented quality, environmental, and occupational safety and health management systems meeting the requirements of LST EN ISO 9001:2015, LST EN ISO 14001:2015, LST ISO 45001:2018 (ISO 45001:2008) standards (LT/EN Certificate)