Implementing complex engineering projects

Company's objective:
to create innovative solutions for successful implementation of complex projects, from a concept to the final structure.

Tilsta UAB specialises in bespoke and highly complex engineering projects and technological solutions.

Our company's experienced specialists can design and create a bespoke engineering solution and take care of its implementation and/or process and project management. Our company organizes and carries out extremely complex bridge construction tasks: pulling into place, lifting, and floating of bridges or replacing reinforced concrete elements in existing structures. Our fabrication facility allows us to transform most advanced structural ideas into complex and high quality metal and reinforced concrete structures.

Installation of foundations

Our company uses Soilmec, RTG 21T, and other modern pile driving and drilling equipment that is needed to install various types of foundations.

The work is done by experienced engineers and skilled workers.

Tilsta UAB lays shallow, pile, deep, and flexible foundations and supporting structures for transport infrastructure facilities as well as residential and non-residential buildings.

Pile foundations consist of prefabricated piles driven into the ground. Alternatively, capped steel pipes of the appropriate diameter may first be hammered in, then metal framework is inserted into the pipes, their interiors are filled with concrete and the metal pipes are removed. Maximum diameter of a driven pile – Ø45 cm.

Drilled piles are also used. One of such methods is the so called continuous flight auger (CFA), where a hole is drilled into the ground and concrete is injected through the auger during its extraction. Afterwards, reinforcement cages are pressed into the concrete pile. The diameter of a CFA pile is 0.35–1.0 m.

The company is able to install drilled piles using the VDW Double Head Drilling system. This method is applied in waterlogged ground and involves drilling with a protective casing. The main difference of the double head drilling system from the CFA is that it uses a rotary protective casing: the auger is turned clockwise and the protective casing – counterclockwise.

Sustaining walls and noise barriers

Tilsta UAB designs and erects sustaining walls and noise barriers.

Machinery rental

The company rents transport and lifting machines, concrete mixers, pumps, mixer pumps, and pile drilling equipment.

Designing bridges, viaducts, tunnels, and sustaining walls

Our company is now able to carry out various design tasks. Tilsta UAB prepares working and production drawings for bespoke objects, designs small bridges, viaducts, tunnels, foundations, and sustaining walls.